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Once in

a lifetime,

every day.


From farm boy to one of the worlds top helicopter instructors, an aviation pictorial journey of history and stories.


A pictorial iconography written with a focus on aviation but referencing my agricultural roots and the remarkable achievements of my intellectual, innovative and pioneering ancestors.

This is a 450 page, 340 Images and 60,000 word pictorial book.


Due to covid related shipping delays, the book binders have been unable to secure materials to complete the binding of the books.

Unfortunately Simon's book has not been delivered to us for us to get it to you in time for Christmas. Simon's book is likely to be completed by early to mid January when the book binders return to work.

As soon as we have them in hand, we will ship them immediately.

I flew alongside him, gesticulating,

‘Land! I want to talk to you!’


"What do I do!” My hand found a handle, I yanked it and the parachute opened.